The Google Local 3 Pack-(Maps) Listing

The Most Valuable Real Estate on the Internet

If you are a local service, or brick and mortar business you simply MUST be in the MAPS listing.

The google paid ads will appear at the very top of every search page.  However, the most prominent feature of the page is the Maps 3-Pack.

Google selects 3 LOCAL businesses to feature.  In general, it is the only place where a business’ google review and star rating are displayed.  For many consumers this is as far as they look.

93% of consumers read online reviews. 

Up to 91% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Surveys show that year over year fewer consumers are going to a suppliers website.   

The Maps Listing is contributing to this phenomena.  Consumers tend to trust the companies that Google is featuring in the Maps listing.  They can read the online reviews which also have an extremely high trust factor and they can call the phone number listed .  Job done!

The conversion rate for companies listed in the top of the Maps is SIGNIFICANTLY greater than the conversion rate of the average website which tends to be around 3%. 

It is more important to be listed in the 3-Pack than to be at the top of the organic listings that appear below the 3-Pack.

Gideon Marketing specializes in getting local companies listed in the 3-Pack for their main search terms.

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