Dominate Your Competition With Your Online Reputation

Consumers Absolutely Trust Online Reviews

  • 93% of consumers read reviews.
  • 86% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal referral, (91% for 18-34 year-olds).
  • 85% think online reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant.
  • 97% of consumers use their phone or computer to find local goods and services.

We All Choose To Do Business With Those We Know And Trust

To grow your business you MUST be found online, (they know you), and you MUST dominate your competition in the number of reviews and the quality of reviews that you have, (they trust you).

We Have Changed The Rules For Getting Quality Reviews

It use to be difficult to get reviews from customers.  Even if they were completely satisfied with their experience giving a review took too much time, they were unclear on how to do it, or they simply forgot to follow through.  Not Now!

We Make It Falling Down Easy to Leave You a Review

  • It will take less than a minute of their time
  • They can’t get confused or lost in the process
  • We will automatically send one or more follow-ups to remind them
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How Does It Work?

  • We put an “App” on your phone
  • As a normal procedure you will always be asking your customer if they are completely satisfied and how they feel about your product or service once the transaction is completed.  When you know they are satisfied…
  • ASK for a review.  Let them know it will take less than a minute of their time and is very easy…nothing to figure out.
  • Enter their name, (email), and mobile number in your App.
  • They will immediately get a text message thanking them for their business and asking if they want to leave a review–they press “yes.”
  • If they are on an Android phone a Google icon will show up-they press the icon.
  • They will get a pop-up from your Google My Business page that has the stars across the top for them to fill in and a box to type a review.
  • They fill it out, press enter and their review goes straight to your Google reviews.  Done!

What If The Customer Has an Apple Phone?

  • If the customer has an Apple phone our software will detect it and send them to your business Facebook page to leave a “Recommend”.
  • In order to leave a Google review the reviewer must have a gmail account.  An Apple user may not have a gmail and taking time to sign into gmail would distract them.  We must keep it easy.  Facebook is a great option for social trust.

Works For a Service Business At a Customers Location

The App can be placed on any number of service tech’s phones.  When they know the customer is happy…ask for a review.  Perhaps you could have a program where the tech can earn a bonus for 5 star reviews they collect.

In a Busy Office, Get The Commitment and Send The Text Message Later

If the office is very busy have a procedure to quiz the client and insure they are very satisfied.  Ask for the review, record their information and send several texts at once when it slows down.

Restaurant or Retail..No Problem

Always have a procedure to ask the customer if they are satisfied, then ask for the review.  You can have a drawing where customers who leave a review are entered and can win merchandise or free drinks, etc.

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How Much Can This This Make My Business?

If you implement a procedure to consistently collect good reviews you absolutely will grow your bottom line.  Most local businesses are not seriously focused on online reviews.  That is a tremendous opportunity for you.

If you dominate with the most reviews and the best reviews you can post them on your website, display them in ads or note how many 5 star reviews you have on your service vehicles.  You can use great reviews to build trust in all of your media advertising.  And best of all, be featured in the Google Local 3 Pack (Maps Listing) on page one of the search pages.

Let's Do The Math

What if we consider a small service area of 50,000 people.  Let’s say a business had 8-10 key search terms that totaled an average search volume of only 500 searches per month.

If that business is in the Google Local Maps (3 pack) which appears on page one of the search, above the fold, and prominently displays their Google reviews and star rating;  and IF that business dominates in the google reviews it would look like this:

The Map Pack on average gets 50-55% of the total clicks on page one.  50% of 500 is 250 searches per month.  A business that dominates the google reviews over the other businesses listed in the Maps would expect to get the lions share of the total clicks.  Let’s call that 40%.  What would 100 additional calls/leads per month mean to your business?  How many could you convert into a paying customer?

This is a relatively small market with a fairly small search volume.  What are your demographics?

And finally, consider the fact that consumers who are more concerned about quality of product or service are less focused on price.

Here's What You Will Get

  • Our Premium “App” for your phone.
  • You can install it on as many phones as you need.
  • We will collect the customer data that you input and can provide you the data if needed.  You have the option of following up with email or SMS/text, thanking them for their review and offering a followup product or service with a discount and discount code.  Selling to existing happy customers is much easier and more profitable than attracting new customers.
  • Customer support, if you have any problem getting the App on your phone.
  • If you choose to opt-in to our email list we will send marketing tips from time to time to help you get the most from this App and your marketing dollars.


Yes we do need 24-48 hrs to set up your account but we do not bill you for the expense


You will be on a monthly recurring fee.  You can cancel anytime.  We believe our value speaks for itself.  We have seen other businesses get aggressive with their online reviews and grow their bottom line significantly.  It can work for you.

This Could Easily Be Your Highest ROI Advertising Spend

Just $97/mo

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