Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) is only a part of the total formula when designing a website.  It is critical to consider both the visitor to your website and what search engines (google, bing, yahoo, etc.) require to rank your web page against all your competition.  Both are equally important.  The most beautiful, most informative web page in the world is of little use if no one can find it.  Conversely, a website that ranks on page one of the SERP’s (search engine result page) is worthless if visitors do not find the information they require and are totally unimpressed and move on.

First of All-You Must Be Found

By now virtually every business understands the importance of having a solid online presence.  The Yellow Pages are practically extinct. Recent consumer surveys have found that 97% of consumers use their computers, and especially their mobile devices to find the products and services they require.  Having an informative website that is easily found and that builds customer confidence is critical to success.   

You Need A Trusted Partner

Google is constantly changing their algorithms and changing the rules for ranking in their search results.  A small business is at a decided disadvantage without some help from experts in the field that can stay abreast of the changes. 

Many small businesses have been burned by SEO companies that overcharged, over-promised and under delivered.  You need an experienced partner to help you craft a long term plan to grow your online presence and optimize your digital marketing dollars.  Every step of this plan needs to be focused on a positive return on investment (ROI).  

You Need Results-Not Promises

  We don’t offer canned SEO packages per se.  We analyze each unique situation.  We will study the top competitors in your area.  Determine their strengths and weaknesses and develop  a plan to build your authority in the eyes of Google, (Bing).  We carefully monitor the progress of the plan.  Not just in improved rankings on the search pages but more importantly, improvement in customer calls and traffic to your business.

If you are ready to work with a company that understands that your marketing priorities are phone calls and traffic to your business not just rankings on a page, contact us today.  Let’s get started.   417-385-3537

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