Why A Google My Business Listing Is So Important

According to the most recent data available about 23% of local businesses have not claimed their Google My Business (GMB) listing. The GMB is a free listing offered by Google. It provides consumers valuable information about a local business that they may be interested in, and it gives Google important information about a business that Google can then use to provide better and more complete search results.

It is important for a business to not only claim their listing but to take the time to completely fill out all the information that Google requests. This is not only for Google’s benefit but will serve potential customers looking for your goods or services. It will certainly help increase traffic to your website and potentially to your business. Finally, it will give your business a better shot at showing up in the top spots in the all important Google Local 3 Pack.


For a local business being in the top 3 of the Maps Pack or Three Pack gives the business prime exposure on page one of the search results, “above the fold” and prominently displaying the business’ google reviews.

The 3 pack gets the bulk of clicks on page one of the search page so a top listing here can be more valuable than a page one listing in the organic results that are displayed under the Maps Pack.

Here a few tips often overlooked by a local business when completing their Google My Business listing.


1. Be absolutely sure that your name, address and telephone number (NAP) in your GMB matches exactly the information on your website and all across the internet. That would include any listing you might have on Yelp, Yellow Pages or any other directory on the web.

2. Add as many Business Categories from Google’s list as your services allow. More descriptions are better as long as you really do fill the function. 

3. Google allows you to write a brief description ( up to 750 characters) of your business. Use all of this space to write out a complete and thoughtful description of what you do and the services that you provide. Include several keywords in this description.

4. Upload loads of images. Pictures tell a great story. Potential customers will engage with your photo’s so have lots of them. Display your place of business, staff, on the job photo’s, product photos, before/after photos, tell your company story through your images.

5. You can also upload video. This is even better. These video’s don’t have to be professionally done. Just good quality video that tells a compelling story about your business, your passion for what you do and results that you provide.

6. Make sure your business hours are listed, are correct and are updated for holidays. You don’t want a customer finding you using your GMB listing and visiting your business only to find you closed.

7. Actively seek to collect reviews from satisfied customers. This will do wonders for your professional image. Most consumers are influenced by reviews that they read. Always – always respond to the reviews that you receive. Especially the negative reviews. Remember other potential customers will be reading the reviews so respond positively, honestly and professionally. A negative review can be turned into a positive with the right response.

8. Google allows you to post to your GMB at no charge. This is a good place to promote product, special sales or special events, and to fill out content to inform and engage your customers. This is a great feature if used correctly.

Gideon Marketing can assist you in completing your GMB listing. One of the services that we provide is to post regularly to our clients GMB. This increases exposure to their customers and to Google. We specialize in getting our clients into the local Google Three Pack for their key search terms. This gets their phone ringing and their cash register ringing.

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